About NETA

What is NETA?

The Nebraska Educational Technology Association is a grassroots organization open to everyone interested in sharing information about using technology in the educational process. NETA has over 5,000 members.

Statement of Purpose

The Nebraska Educational Technology Association exists for the purpose of providing leadership and promoting the application of technology to the educational process. Its span of interest includes all levels and aspects of education.

NETA Vision for Technology in Education

Overall vision for Nebraska Education:

Nebraska Education will prepare learners for life in an ever-changing global and technological society.

NETA Organization Vision:

The Nebraska educational process will promote utilization of appropriate technology to support quality teaching and learning.

NETA Goals

Through specific strategies, NETA plans to meet these organization goals:

  • To promote and provide quality training opportunities for Nebraska educators.
  • To actively promote equitable experiences in educational technology across Nebraska.
  • To broaden NETA’s support base.
  • To support research and development of educational technology.
  • To provide appropriate technology services and product awareness to the educational community in Nebraska

Important Documents