3rd Place – What a Wonderful World

by Irene Abhilash, Merce Allen, Lucas Antonio, Isaac Burcham, Mila Carlisle, Hayden Dieckman, Kennedy Feltz, Addie Flodine, Paige Gloystein, Viktor Hedlund, Reed Jizba, William Klein, Kyra Kosak, Conor Langenfeld, Colette Lindstrom, Rowan Martin, Hudson McConville, Miles Meyer, Noah Miller, Wesley Muchowicz, Jordan Peprah, James Pollack, Wyatt Rodrigues-Snyder, Nolan Trojan, Evie Turner, Ryan Vargo, Maddie Wane, Macy Wilkie-Kupfer, Beya Zavaletta, Jude Zimmerman

Project Info

School St Vincent de Paul School
Teacher Julie Vaughan
Grade Level and Division PK-2 Video

Project Description


As a class, we listened to the song “What a Wonderful World” and read the story. Then, students created illustrations to accompany an assigned phrase of the song. They used KidPix to recreate the illustration digitally. Then, using iMovie, I recorded their voices and put their illustrations to music.
At this young age, I wanted to enhance students appreciation for the world we live in. I also wanted to expose them to tools like KidPix and iMovie so they could create a project that could be shared with their families.
I love the creativity and the sweetness of this age that shows in their illustrations and voices!