Presenter Information

Session Proposals
Session proposals for the NETA 2021 Spring Conference Series are being accepted.


If you submit a session proposal you will receive an email by January 15, 2021 indicating whether or not your session was accepted.

Thank you for your support!

Presenter guidelines
Lead presenters will pay a significantly reduced rate ($49) and are expected to provide ample handouts or Web/email access to their information. A co-presenter may assist in the session. A co-presenter must, however, register for the conference as a regular attendee. A limit of three presenters per session will be listed. Students are allowed to assist in a presentation as guests of the conference (limit of four, and must be supervised at all times).

Presenters are asked to upload their handouts, presentation files, and/or web resources to the NETA Conference site. This will allow attendees to search the site during or after the conference to retrieve session resources.

Questions should be directed to Lisa Bohaty, Conference Chair by email at