200+ Sessions

Sessions are available for multiple aspects of using technology in education.

AI Panel Discussion

This dynamic panel discussion will bring together experts in artificial intelligence and education to explore the immediate and practical impacts of AI on teachers and classrooms across Nebraska. The session will begin by examining how AI technologies are currently reshaping teaching methods and learning experiences, emphasizing hands-on insights and practical examples from the classroom. The conversation will then shift to the broader implications of these changes, focusing on what is required to adapt school systems, set informed policies, and effectively upskill educators to harness the potential of AI.

In the latter part of the discussion, we will project into the future, considering how ongoing advancements in AI could further evolve teaching strategies and curriculum development. The goal of this panel is to foster a holistic understanding of AI’s role in education at a grassroots level, leading to a vision where technology not only transforms educational practices but also supports an equitable and forward-thinking educational landscape for all of Nebraska’s students.

Show & Share Poster Sessions

Casually visit show and share poster displays and ask questions about successful projects. There will be many show & share sessions with teachers sharing their expertise in an informal format.

Live Esports Tournament

Welcome to the ultimate esports showdown – the NETA Esports Tournament!! This thrilling tournament brings together the best players from around the state in three iconic games: Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and Rocket League. Brace yourself for a day of intense competition, jaw-dropping plays, and unforgettable moments. You will also see how these games are commentated and broadcast… by students!

Mario Kart 8 takes the excitement to the tracks, with racers navigating colorful courses, dodging hazards, and strategically using power-ups to claim victory in high-speed races. Super Smash Bros Ultimate promises an epic clash of gaming legends, as players battle it out in intense two-on-two matchups, showcasing skillful combos and strategic gameplay. In Rocket League, teams of three will take to the arena, soaring through the air to score gravity-defying goals in a fast-paced vehicular soccer spectacle.

Mini Sessions

Attend these 30-minute sessions for quick information and sharing!

Music Bingo

Join NETA Board members on Thursday after sessions for a fun night of Music Bingo. Prizes will be given away!

Visit Exhibitors

Visit exhibitors showing software, hardware, books, and other products in the exhibit hall. Visit the exhibit hall and enter to win prizes!

Henry the Wonder Therapy Dog

Look for Henry and his trainer, Jeff, each day of the conference.

Graduate Credit

Earn Graduate Credit for attending both days of the conference.

Sticker Swap

Bring any stickers you may have to participate in the Sticker Swap. See how many you can collect!

Partnership Groups

Make sure you stop by the partnership group tables to learn more about each group and the opportunities they provide.

NETA Annual Meeting

Attend the NETA Annual Meeting on Thursday, March 14, 2024, at 8:30 a.m.