1st Place – The High Five of Doom

by Jorge Cross, Kain Ault, Anthony Lopez Cucum, and Evan Merchant

Project Info

School Wasmer Elementary School
Teacher Melissa Sears
Grade Level and Division 3-5 Video

Project Description

Students made their own Lego vehicles and created a stop motion animation project using iPads, iPad stands, and Windows Movie Maker. Students first had to sketch out their idea to get it approved by the instructor. Then they built their set and created a story with their Legos. They took the pictures using the iPads and iPad stands and emailed the photos to themselves. They put the images in order and uploaded them into Windows Movie Maker. Then they found music that they thought would go along with the video. The biggest challenge was getting the groups to decide upon a storyline. Also some of their projects they had to rebuild as the original idea didn’t work the way they had planned.