1st Place – OW2D

by Roberto Saavedra

Project Info

School Omaha South High School
Teacher Lucas Hartman
Grade Level and Division 9-12 Interactive Media

Project Description

I wanted to attempt to make a 2D game with the elements of open world gameplay. Using the Construct2 game engine I was able to program mechanics and insert my own art. A big obstacle I had with development was optimizing the game to work on older machines and not lag. Also for development of each levels I had a tough time making sure they weren’t too hard or easy. Since I am the developer I am always playing the game and have the controls mastered, but a novice doesn’t and will struggle with the game. I used students in my class that both had and hadn’t yet tested my game to get different perspectives.

Arrow Keys – Movement
Down [Arrow Keys] – Interact
WASD – Pan Camera
X – Dive (Requires certain amount of speed)
C – Jump
Z – Crouch

Advanced / Unnecessary
Ctrl – Toggle Camera Options
Enter – Leave current stage
Shift – Check HUD

Unzip the file.

Open the osx64 folder and run the file.

Open the win32 folder and at the top find the [ ]GAME.exe.