Message from the Past President: The Game’s Not Over

“It’s not how big you are, it’s how big you play.”
—John Wooden

As our Spring Conference has come to a close, I keep going back to the time of the year that I often refer to as March Madness. As I reflect on this year’s conference, I remember the quote above by John Wooden, head coach of UCLA’s Men’s Basketball.

Even though the conference is over and your brackets may be busted, remember your game is NOT over. Whether you spent the end of March at our conference or not, know that the next step is to Elevate the Rest of Your Game. John Wooden challenges our game with this second quote:“The best competition I have is against myself to become better.”

And again, these words help remind us that the game is not over and there is so much to learn and gain following the conference. Whether you attended, heard from someone who did or followed on social media, there is an opportunity to become better, and that’s why this conference can still make a difference in your end game.

Historically, our annual conference has been in April. This new time frame for 2019 has presented you with new opportunities to keep playing even when the bracket feels busted. In this March Madness time of the year, we are wanting to give your game some overtime. Not in the stretch-you-thin-one-more quarter-kind-of-way, but give you extra time to learn, share, and compete against yourself to become better. So, knowing that your game is not over, how will you play it? How will you take your learning and elevate opportunities for students? How will you share your learning to elevate opportunities in your school? How will you become better? Pick one idea or teaching strategy and simply COMPETE!!

Go for it. When you do, take the time to reflect, evaluate and play again.

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