Stretch Your Productivity and Creativity Using Wakelet

Written by Stephanie Dannehl

How many times have you wished that you saved a link or a tweet so you could look at it later? Or better yet what if you wanted to organize content into categories and be able to
collaborate with others? I have the perfect solution for you.- Wakelet.

Wakelet is a free tool that allows you to save bookmarks, build visually rich and informative collections, and add all types of content together in one place. You can add links, tweets, YouTube videos, images, PDF’s, bookmarks, items from your Google Drive, and even your own text. There are numerous ways to use Wakelet in the classroom. Here are a few of my favorite ways to use Wakelet in the classroom.

Wakelet could be used to create an engaging classroom newsletter. Students can collaborate and help create content when they are given a code for the collection. Microsoft’s Immersive Reader is also integrated into Wakelet and is a valuable resource for special education and ELL students.
This tool reads, helps with tracking, and translates content. The immersive reader allows Wakelet to be more accessible and inclusive for everybody.

Students could use Wakelet as a digital portfolio to document their learning over a period of time.

Students could use Wakelet as a presentation tool. If students are working as a group they could easily collaborate and share their Wakelet.

Annotate Bibliographies
Students could create a collection of all the resources they used for their research projects. The Wakelet would be used to gather, annotate, and paraphrase information to help them write their paper.

Collections by Categories
My favorite way to use Wakelet is to organize content that I find online. To get started you need to create a collection for a specific category. For example, I created a collection for the green screen. Whenever I come across a tweet, a new website, or document about the green screen I can save it to
that collection. I can refer back to it anytime I want. I also have the ability to share my collection or allow others to collaborate with me.

These are just a few ways how you could use Wakelet with your students. Give it a try and have some fun riding the Wakelet wave.

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