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Ready to Reconnect?

At #yourNETA we have so many ways for you to connect with us and our community! Take a look at the list below! 


Not signed up yet? No worries. We would love to have you join the #yourNETA community November 1st 2021 for this in person conference! 

Spring Conference

We are getting ready to announce our keynote and featured speakers, AND our theme for the 2022 Spring Conference. Follow our social media @yourNETA on all platforms to stay up to date on all things Spring Conference. 

Sponsored Groups:

Connect with educators just like you! Head over to our Resources Tab and click for either Tech Integration Specialists (TIS) or Tech Coordinators. Each have their own meeting schedules and more information can be found on our website! 

NETAGo Podcast 

Did you know we have a podcast! Get caught up on any episodes you may have missed and don’t miss out on anymore episodes by subscribing to the show! 

Book Store

We also have a #yourNETA book store! Get special access to some of our favorite speakers and more!