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#digcit Week with #yourNETA

Using technology responsibly and thoughtfully is an essential part of students’ social and emotional development, as well as their academic success. The Digital Citizenship Week (October 18-22, 2021) is the perfect opportunity to re-engage students around how technology impacts their lives and how they can use technology to make a positive impact on the lives of others. During this week, schools can celebrate how they are teaching students 21st century skills and build community enthusiasm for teaching digital citizenship as part of their curriculum.

K–12 schools celebrate Digital Citizenship Week each year to promote digital well-being. Each year, Common Sense Education shares tips and resources to make the celebration meaningful for students and teachers. Every year, Common Sense celebrates Digital Citizenship Week during the third week of October, but schools and districts may choose any time of year that works best for their community. 

The lessons were recently released by Common Sense Education and are now CASEL aligned and grade banded. A lesson is provided for each day of the week, along with a specific CASEL competency to focus on throughout the lesson. Additionally, there are daily themes and information to share with families.  

As a technology integrationist and a proponent of Digital Citizenship Week, I recently took this content and focused on the Self Awareness CASEL competency. Teachers are able to access this information through a website I created. In addition to the content, I included videos that highlighted the focus and encouraged teachers to engage throughout the week.  

We are constantly surrounded by the topic of digital citizenship. Taking the time to have conversations, whether it’s a whole lesson, a question focus, vocabulary awareness, or family involvement, is essential. This is beneficial for all students. My challenge to you is to take some time this week, month or year to share at least one lesson, video, topic or question around digital citizenship. You will be glad you did.