Students “Kano” Code: A Love Triangle for the Ages

Shelley Sheets

Project Info

School Ralston Middle School/Ralston Public Schools
Teacher n/a
Grade Level and Division Classroom Grants

Project Description

This project will allow me step up my “digital literacy” instruction from an online English Language Arts course, to a course that allows students to build a computer and learn to code. I chose Kano in particular because the kids have to assemble the computer themselves, allowing them to learn about how computers work, what the different parts are, and what the different parts do. Kanos use Raspberry Pi3s as a processor. Raspberry Pi3s allow students to do really fun things like program an LED light screen, and hack Minecraft. More importantly, students can learn to code using the Python language. This project is unique and innovative because I see parallels between coding and proofreading. For instance, if there is a mistake in the coding that someone has written, the computer will get confused and will not understand information properly — coders have to proofread their work carefully.