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4 Tips On Social Media & Going Back to School

By Heather Callihan

We are currently living in some interesting and challenging times. Social media may seem like a rabbit hole, stressor, or even an escape.  What you share, or don’t share, or what you comment on may also seem more overwhelming and uncertain.  This pressure can feel especially high when it pertains to classroom and school accounts.  To ease some of that pressure, we need to focus on the goal of those accounts. Most often we are sharing stories, learning, and celebrating your students with their families and community members.

In an effort to be proactive and continue to be positive, it is important to share a few general reminders regarding social media. (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)  Learning is happening in our schools and we definitely want to continue sharing this message and story with our community and families.  Our job may look a little different now but the story should not go untold.  

Here are a few things to consider:

Photos: Everyone wants to see photos showing the learning and great things happening in our classrooms and activities. By limiting photos to one or two students without a busy background, you are less susceptible to criticism or misunderstanding.  Group photos with social distancing may not look that way on the viewer end.

Video: Videos showcasing learning, growth and class events are amazing. Before you start recording video in your classroom or outside be sure to have a plan. What is the goal of the video? Are you interviewing someone or are you showing what a student created? Be sure to think through those questions before and after you record the video. Again, just like the photo reminders above, video sharing should follow similar suggestions.

Point of View: Generally speaking, much of the recent content is centered around events, procedures and policies.  Proactively shifting the focus to students and sharing the already great things happening will continue to create positivity while narrowing the perspective and focus. We must continue to show that our students are learning and growing. Showcasing student projects, volunteer work and celebrations are great ways to continue sharing stories. 

Privacy: As always, please be aware of students (families) who have requested not to be featured on school social media, tv and other outlets.

TIP: When in doubt ask yourself: “Does this content create more questions than answers?” This question will help guide you in the proactive approach to content creation.  

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