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Better Together

By: Heather Callihan

Better Together: It may be a phrase you hear often, or even a phrase you have used yourself.  No matter how you say it or hear it, it makes an impact.  Following the events of 2020 (You know the drill here) and 2021, we as NETA board members, had to work towards planning our 2022 conference.  We knew one thing, it was time to be together again.  

Remember those moments when you finally saw your students again? Do you remember your first sight of the staff after you were away?  All the hugs, smiles, high fives, social media posts, notes, comments, reflections, etc. proved one thing: We’re better together.  Throughout the past two years as we watched, listened, and experienced various formats of teaching, learning, and professional development, it was evident that we are “Better Together”. 

As we look forward to our 2022 conference with the Better Together theme, we are excited to see you.  We are looking forward to learning from you.  We are looking forward to talking with you.  We are excited to share stories with you.  We are all eager to learn, collaborate, and share our educational journey together. We cannot wait to feel the vibe, the enthusiasm, and the excitement that NETA brings.  

If you haven’t registered yet for NETA 2022, what are you waiting for?  Everyone plays a special role in being Better Together.  Please join us April 21-22 at CHI Health Center in Omaha. 💙