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Computer Science Week 2023

CSEdWeek is almost here! This year it is celebrated the week of December 4-10th. To help promote CS in your district, we created Social Media posts that you can edit and add your own school logo. The template can be found here.
CSEdWeek is an opportunity to expose students to CS and provide equity for all students. The resources from, CSEdWeek, CS Unplugged, CodeHS, and Google Applied Digital Skills are all free resources any classroom could use. In addition, these sites have resources that are available K-12.
Don’t have time to fit this in, next week? Not a problem! CS equity can be shared year-round. Nebraska has tons of educators leading the way in CS education. We have an entire strand of CS sessions scheduled for NETA 2024 at the CHI Health Center Omaha! We hope to see you then. In the meantime, consider adding one of these lessons as a free-choice assignment, a sub plan, or an enhancement/supplement to any classroom activity.