Webinar Recordings

"The Hidden Opportunity of Student Generated Social Media"

 From a sticky note with the username and password to creating meaningful content, this session provides an in-depth look at the hidden opportunities of student-generated social media. Learn how students are moving beyond taking selfies in order to become better digital citizens, learn leadership skills and how to manage their time when creating content for their school.

Learn about the CARES Act and how your District can utilize these funds

Fortinet’s public funding expert will review the CARES Act, funding levels, where you can find more information and how you can utilize the funding. Additionally, Fortinet subject matter experts will briefly review solutions that other districts are considering for remote access and security. For a resource sheet click here.


Merging Brain-Based Learning Strategies with Technology Integration

Are you integrating technology in a brain friendly way? Research shows that simply allowing students to utilize technology does not enhance the learning process. Different systems of the brain must be engaged during the learning process so students can transfer content into the long-term memory. This session will discuss and demonstrate ways to incorporate brain-based strategies into every learning situation.

Screencasts in a SNAP!

Do you make screencasts, handouts, or tutorials? Tired of feeling like you’re repeating yourself over and over again, messing up the script, or taking hundreds of screenshots that clutter your desktop? In this hands-on workshop, learn how to make engaging tutorials, PDFS, and live demos for students and teachers in minutes using iORad! Participants will walk away with a tutorial created by the end of the presentation.