From the Desk of the Executive Director: A Year in Review

As your school year comes to a close this next month, I want to thank you for all you do. You have an opportunity to make a positive impact in a student’s life, which is no easy task.

NETA has had a successful year as well. Looking back on this school year a few highlights include –

  • NETA hired Alyssa Allmon, through Striv Inc., to help tell the NETA story on social media. She has been a great addition to the NETA team. Be looking for her stories throughout the coming year.
  • We held a successful Nebraska Fall Ed Tech Conference this past fall with the Nebraska Council of School Administrators.

 Another GREAT Fall Edtech conference. #NEFETC Thanks to everyone who makes this possible each year. #yourNETA @NCSAToday Thanks to @BuddyBerry for the energy and enthusiasm. Charged up and ready to go.- @LennyVerMass 

  • Granted over 65 Virtual Field Trip mini grants to NETA members affecting over 4,000 students.
  • Organized the Tech Showcase at the NASB conference where over 75 students shared their use of technology in their school.
  • Successfully transitioned to an earlier spring conference. What a great three days of learning it was at #NETA19! If you attended a workshop, one day of the conference, both days of the conference or all three, thank you for taking the initiative to continue learning and connecting with others.

 #neta19 was full of inspiring sessions, excellent takeaways for my classroom and students, and quality time with some of my favorite people!- @AscheTrysta  

  • We recognized over 40 contest winners

And much more!!

We have so much to celebrate and share! Whatever your summer plans include, I hope you enjoy them! We look forward to continuing to celebrate our members this summer and next year!

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