NETA is excited to partner with Illinois Computing Educators, an International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Certification Authorized Provider, to offer YOU an opportunity to take part in a training session to become ISTE Certified. This  is one of our newest resources and partnerships that we want to offer our membership and we are very excited to be able to supply our membership with this opportunity for professional learning. Below, we answer some questions about what this means for you.

What is an ISTE Certification?

ISTE Certification is a new competency-based, vendor-agnostic educator certification based on the ISTE Standards for Educators. This digital credential recognizes educators who understand how to use edtech for learning in meaningful and transformative ways.

What are the standards for this certification?

The ISTE Certification is focused on pedagogy, not tools. It’s not about edtech per se, it’s about what you do with the tech to transform learning and improve student outcomes.

Who is this certification for?

For classroom educators, coaches and library media specialists. ISTE Certification helps build an educator’s professional profile and provides a digital credential to demonstrate mastery and recognize his or her application of the ISTE Standards, which define what it means to be a 21st century educator using technology for learning.

How can this help leaders in the edtech realm?

ISTE Certification allows administrators to recognize educators leading the way with digital age teaching practices. ISTE Certification demonstrates to leaders those who have the initiative, drive and skills needed to transform, personalize and empower learning in the classroom and school. It also offers them a way to recognize and support educators focused on growth in this area.

How does  it work?

Through the ISTE Certification process, teachers will participate in 30 hours of dynamic in-person and online professional learning based on the ISTE Standards and transformative pedagogy. After completing the training, participants have six months to apply their learning and compile artifacts and reflections into a competency-based portfolio which will be evaluated by ISTE, the only organization that awards the certification.

How do I become an ISTE Certified Educator?

  • Register for a training session
  • Attend in-person workshop (1-2 days)
  • Complete online coursework (3-5 hours a week for 5 weeks)
  • Prepare and submit an eportfolio to ISTE for review (6 months) – the educator will be provided access to a certification portal where participants can get feedback from their cohort while preparing their portfolio of artifacts and reflections.
  • Once submitted, ISTE Certification Evaluators will review the artifacts. Those who successfully meet the certification will become ISTE Certified Educators.

What does the commitment look like to become and ISTE Certified Educator ?

Proposed Schedule  (approximately 30 hours)

  • Pre-Assessment – to be sent to registered attendees one-two weeks prior (required)
  • Week One – Prior Learning / Flipped PD (1-2 hours)
  • Week Two – Two Days at In-Person Training Session (12 hours)
  • Week Three – Module 1 Online (3-5 hours)
  • Week Four – Module 2 Online (3-5 hours)
  • Week Five – Virtual Check-In (1 hour)
  • Week Six – Module 3 Online (3-5 hours)
  • Week Seven – Module 4 Online (3-5 hours)
  • Week Eight – Module 5 Online Virtual Celebration / Post Evaluation (2 hours)
    * Note: Attendees may move along course at a slower or faster pace by one-two weeks



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