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Meet the Leadership: Stephanie Dannehl

This week, let’s take some time to meet your NETA Leadership. Stephanie Dannehl is this year’s NETA President. She currently works for Bertrand Public Schools, and is passionate about serving the membership.
1. How did you discover the NETA Board?  
I first discovered the NETA Board when a fellow coworker was on the board.  He raved about the NETA conference and how it inspired him to try new things in his classroom.I thought it might be a great opportunity to expand my professional development, so I decided to give it a try
2. What made you decide you wanted a leadership role in the organization? 
In so many ways NETA shaped me into the educator I am today. I knew that I was passionate about technology and that by taking on this role it would challenge me to grow a person.
3. What’s the best thing about your position? 
The best thing about my position is the people. There are so many great educators across the state and it has been incredibly rewarding to get to meet and collaborate with other educators.
4. What’s the most challenging thing about your position? 
Time. I’m sure many of the people reading thing know that adding one more thing to your schedule can be difficult. I find myself very busy most of the time, but if you make time for the right things, it’s worth it in the end.
5. What’s your favorite memory since serving on the board?
My favorite memory is that I’ve been a part of watching the ideas of NETA become a reality that truly impacts NETA members.

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