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Climate Awareness Program

Written by: Lindsay Zilly, Senior Program Strategist at Take Action Global (TAG)

Picture a world where every student becomes a climate champion, every teacher an environmental advocate, and every community a resilient hub of sustainable living. Welcome to the Climate Action Awareness Program!

The Climate Awareness Program is a transformative initiative that sets out to empower educators and students to discover natural climate solutions in their own neighborhoods, identify climate smart projects and build a resilient community. As a proud facilitator of this remarkable journey, I can attest to the program’s incredible impact on individuals and communities alike.

A Journey of Empowerment:

The first step on this adventure was realizing the power we all hold within ourselves to make a difference. The program’s focus on empowerment shone through every step of the way. From comprehensive professional development sessions to enlightening discussions, participants gained the tools and knowledge to lead the way toward a more sustainable future.

Building a Resilient Community:

Resilience became the cornerstone of our journey. The program fostered a sense of togetherness, reminding us that by supporting one another, we can overcome any obstacle in our path to a greener, more sustainable world. We began by celebrating the climate work taking place in our own backyards already. It was incredible to see efforts already underway to have climate at the forefront of conversations. 

Championing Sustainability:

Sustainability was at the heart of everything we did. The program’s emphasis on practical, sustainable practices opened our eyes to the small yet significant changes we could make in our daily lives. Through small, meaningful lessons, we worked with educators and their students to identify areas of climate work that resonated with them.

Raising Climate Awareness:

Perhaps the most enlightening aspect of the program was the way it raised our awareness of climate issues. We encouraged participants to engage in a climate-awareness class activity that made learning about the environment both fun and impactful. Through virtual exchanges with students from different districts, we developed a global perspective on climate challenges, realizing that our actions are interconnected across borders.

Edtech + Climate

Our groups utilized technology tools like Google Slides, Padlet, and Jamboard throughout the program in order to create meaningful connections and collaborations. This Asset Based

Community Development allowed us to build on the skills, experience, knowledge, and passions of the local community members. The transformative power of edtech + climate awareness really affords us the opportunity to extend our reach and build more sustainable relationships.!






Celebrating Collective Efforts:

As our journey came to a close, we celebrated our collective efforts with a global-wide online celebration event. It was a moment of pride and joy as we saw the positive changes our districts, schools, and classrooms had brought about. 

An Invitation to Join:

To those reading this, I extend a heartfelt invitation to join the Climate Awareness Program. This adventure will not only enrich your life but also empower you to shape a sustainable future for generations to come. Embrace the opportunity to be part of a community of climate champions, all working towards a common goal of preserving our beautiful planet.

Together, let’s step into the shoes of change-makers, raise our voices for the environment, and embrace the challenge of transforming our world into a greener, more sustainable place. The Climate Action Awareness Program is not just an initiative; it’s a movement of passionate individuals united in the belief that we can make a difference.

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